MHS Interior Design

MHS Interior Design is a well-established curtain production company with over 15 years of experience without relocating from its current trading area due to sustainable business. Its new focus on trading of interior decoration will see an expansion of company beyond curtain production. Over and above curtain production the company is focusing on being the retailer of linen, crockery and other textile products inline with the designs and concepts of interior designing. MHS Interior Design is on the verge to expand its production facilities and well-position itself to market its production beyond its current clientele.

The recent management decision to expand the company beyond curtaining is a symbol of the company’s dedication to continue providing the highest quality workmanship, meeting the agreed delivery dates, and executing the custom work exactly in accordance with the customer’s concept. The focus of this business plan proposal is for MHS Interior Design to highlight its potential for growth and the need for financial assistance (loan facility) by identifying to the Standard Bank its current and future clients target, explain its marketing strategy and to improve its internal procedures so it can substantially increase profitability.

MHS Interior Design